Taking PictureBorn in 1981 in the west end of France, in the town of Plougastel Daoulas, near Brest. I spent my childhood always playing out with my friends, building and re-building stuffs, I rapidly discovered a vivid interest for the technology. I was fortunate enough to be able to study as per my interest.

Twenty three years later, an engineer degree from ENSAM in my hands, I started a career that drove me further East, from Paris, to Romania for some business trips, then China where the repeated trips became a full time expatriation in Shenzhen. Having built my life and family here, I am now settled down in Hong-Kong.

Besides my career, my favorite hobby is to play the photographer during the week-end. My best shots are in my gallery or on my Facebook page. I also enjoy gardening in our rooftop garden with my wife and kids.

If you want to leave me a small message, feel free to do so.